Small Fish, Big Pond: Building a World Class Business That Swims Circles around Competitors

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What do exceptional companies do well that mediocre companies do poorly or not at all? How do some companies achieve rapid growth while others plateau or sink? What can business leaders learn from fish?

Lessons from ocean life reveal how to outwit, outswim, and outlast competitors. The strategies of last year no longer yield the same results. When growth stalls many companies quickly flounder, however by leveraging unique strengths and abilities leaders can change the rules of the game. Unlock a business framework to futureproof revenue, drive constant growth, and create loyal clients who choose your company again and again–regardless of price! Size becomes irrelevant. The small eat the big!

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The Captain's Keys Book

The Captain's Keys: The Four People Every Successful Leader Needs

Coming March 2023

Executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders at every level report feeling lonely and isolated in their roles. Leaders often feel that success or failure rests squarely on their shoulders. Going alone can be downright dangerous. Even the most astute leaders can’t be expected to know everything. We all have blind spots.

Using the analogy of a ship, The Captain’s Keys establishes a leader as the Captain of their ship and unpacks a model called “The Stability Matrix”. This model highlights the 4 Key people that successful Captain’s need to keep their business and life on course. Finding their Four leaders become solidly grounded, stable, and able to weather the inevitable storms of life. Unsinkable. 



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