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Message for Meeting Planners

Why partner with Jeff for your next conference or event? Check out this video to see how Jeff can make your event memorable and referrable.

Three Commitments to Meeting Planners

Want more than just a speaker for your event? How about a partner to help you fill your event? Learn how Jeff can help you create memorable and referrable experiences for your attendees.

Speaker Reel – The Captain’s Keys

Excerpts from keynote speech The Captain’s Keys: 4 Key People Every Successful Business Leader Needs

Let's create an experience for your audience

You’ve seen an audience listening to a bad speaker. They get that glazed look over their eyes. There’s a little drool here, a small snore there. The speaker gets further and further from the audience with bad analogies, technical mumbo jumbo, and a dull, monotone voice. Change the game with someone people really want to hear. Jeff’s speaking style, unique perspective, and overflowing charisma catches attention and doesn’t let go. Give your members a top-notch experience packed with priceless, practical information they’ll actually remember.

The Talks

Small Fish, Big Pond: Creating a World Class Business that Swims Circles Around Competitors

Based on his upcoming book, Jeff uses his experience in and under the sea to draw surprising parallels with the business world. In a day when business moguls are viewed as “sharks” and competition is ruthless, Jeff delivers three key ways to turn a red ocean back to blue.

Never one to just float along with the current, Jeff encourages the audience to identify and embrace their unique abilities, strengths, and gifts to impact the world around them. He delivers memorable, easy-to-implement action steps packed with keen insight, humor, and lots of practical examples to keep competitors spinning in circles.

The Captain's Keys: The Four People Every Successful Leader Needs

Executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders at every level report feeling lonely and isolated in their roles. Leaders often feel that success or failure rests squarely on their shoulders. Going alone can be downright dangerous. Even the most astute leaders can’t be expected to know everything. We all have blind spots.

Using the analogy of a ship, Jeff establishes a leader as the Captain and unpacks a model called “The Stability Matrix”. This model highlights the four key people that successful Captains need to keep their business and life on course. Finding their Four leaders become solidly grounded, stable, and able to weather the inevitable storms of life. Unsinkable.

Jeff makes 3 commitments to every Meeting Planner. He’ll always…


Be a pro, not a primadonna

Jeff promises to do all the basics, like communicating, showing up early, and even starting and ending on time.

Beyond that, he’ll get to know your attendees so he can make them feel valued and special both before and during the event.


Show up to deliver, not dine

Jeff sees events like yours as a way to serve you and your attendees, not just sit back and be served. This is your time to shine.

He’ll help you plan fantastic onsite experiences to wow your attendees and send them home as raving fans.


Pay it forward

Jeff wants to add value to every connection he makes. Sometimes, he’s just not the right fit for your event, and that’s okay!

He’s built relationships with many great speakers over the years. Whether you work with him or not, Jeff can always refer you to the perfect speaker for current or future events.

Here’s what the real people think:

Jeff is a true leader and believes in a partnership. He has the ability to bring out the best in his people and be very effective at communicating his ideas for a successful project. Jeff has always been a great mentor/client and I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again.

Brandon Newsom
Managing Director, Meridian Technology Group

Other Presentations

“Honey Badger Don’t Care and Neither Does the Market”

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“Get Clients Before Christmas”

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“Preload Your Year for a 2019 Rocket Ride”

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